Echoing President Coleman’s Words of Wisdom

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Yesterday, in response to the recent events at Penn State, President Coleman sent a message to the U-M community reminding all of us of the importance of honesty and integrity. I’ve posted her message below.

In health care, our obligation to promote and ensure health and wellness goes beyond caring for individual patients and their families. We also have a responsibility to ensure and promote the health and wellness of communities and to protect and care for the community’s most vulnerable members.

These current events present an opportunity for all of us to slow down, reflect and embrace the values that make Michigan home to an ethical and exemplary community populated by people committed to doing the right thing.

President Coleman’s message

To the University community:

We have watched the tragic events at Penn State with shock and sadness.

At Michigan, we’re devoted to the highest ethical standards; we expect honesty and integrity from every member of our faculty, staff and student body. This is a chance to remind one another that a community’s values are lived out in the actions of each of us as individuals.

It is important for us to act immediately in suspected cases of abuse or other crimes, or in a circumstance where you find yourself either a victim or a witness to questionable activity. If this is the case, please take one of the following steps:

  • If you require immediate emergency assistance or believe a crime is in progress, dial 9-1-1 to connect you to the police.
  • For a non-emergency situation, call the Department of Public Safety at 734-763-1131. DPS professionals can help assess the situation and determine what other notification or action is necessary.
  • Information on potential criminal activity also may be reported anonymously by calling the University’s Anonymous Tip Line at 1-800-863-1355.

Or in general, if you believe you have seen wrongdoing in the course of your daily activities on campus, you can report the situation anonymously through the University’s compliance website,

Taking action might be difficult or uncomfortable or inconvenient. But the alternative — delaying action or taking no action — puts the welfare of others at risk.

Thank you for your continued help in keeping our community safe.

Mary Sue Coleman

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